Our Company is strongly committed to produce quality Rubber products based on our skills, knowledge and experience gained in developing innovative products, at the same time we give prime importance to the environmental protection factors.

Our technical team based on expertise have developed over 6000 components meeting the complete requirements of every individual satisfied customers.

Our special focus areas are:

1. Rubber components for Refrigeration Compressors.
2. Rubber components for sanitary ware items.
3. Home appliances such as Presser Cooker, Mixer Grinder etc.
4. Automotive components for two wheelers and three wheelers.

Research & Development

To stay ahead in the market our company strictly focus in developing superior Rubber Products at most competitive prices by applying the latest technical advancement concepts and International Quality Management systems.

Innovation and creativity are the mantra for our leadership in the Rubber Industry over 23 years.

Our success story continues.

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